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Applying for Funding

The NCL Foundation offers the opportunity to apply for funding PhD fellowships.

In addition, the NCL Foundation regularly announces funding opportunities for a special NCL Research Award.


PhD Fellowships

PhD fellowships are generally funded for periods of up to three years. Supervisors propose candidates that will be interviewed by the scientific officer of the NCL foundation and/or one or more members of the Scientific Advisory Board. During the funding period, we request half-year update reports describing the progress of the project including methods. In addition, the scientific officer of the NCL Foundation will be in regular contact with the PhD candidate and its supervisor, and will make one or more on-site visits to discuss progress.

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NCL Research Award

Opportunities to apply for forthcoming NCL Research Award grants will be anounced on the foundation's website. The aim of this award is to help seed-fund outstanding pilot research projects of potential sustainable nature, and that can provide breakthroughs in CLN3 research either at the bench or in the clinic. The award is intended to support postdoctoral level fellowships. We particularly encourage the submission of projects covering translational topics and that are collaborative efforts between clinicians and researchers. Interim reports describing progress of the project including methods are required at 6-months intervals.

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Short focused research projects

We also consider smaller funding requests to conduct time-limited research projects. These should aim at answering one or more key research or translational questions that can set the stage for new projects, or that are part of a larger project in its finishing stages. Interim reports will be requested, and time-lines will depend on staging and duration of the project.
For information, please get in touch with Scientific Officer Dr. Herman van der Putten.


Application Forms

1. Letter of Intent

2. NCL Research Award Full Proposal

3. PhD Fellowship Full Proposal

4. Short focused research projects