12. National NCL-Congress in December 2014

On 15th of December the 12. National NCL-Research Congress took place in Hamburg. 30 international scientists met at the Marriott-Hotel to give talks and discuss the newest scientific findings in the field of NCL-Research. Some of them already participated in a boat trip to meet up and to get to know each other in a relaxing atmosphere.

The topic of this year’s congress “iPSC-derived cellular systems as translational models for NCL” brought together scientist from all over the world in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. This interesting and actual topic of field of research more and more becomes the focus of monetary development. Human iPSC can be converted into retina and nerve cells. That’s how scientist models can be created which are more near to the patient. When it’s more near to the patients it’s better to test a new drug. This is helpful for the development of a new drug against NCL.  During the congress the scientist gave talks on the up-to-date topics of Research in the field of NCL and “iPS-Zellen”. The main goal was to achieve the exchange of ideas between the scientists to arise new ideas and cooperation’s.  In context of this congress the 5th ­ NCL-Research Price was awarded to Marco Sardiello PhD. A further Highlight of the night was a dinner which took place in the restaurant VLET.

The NCL-Congress is a main part of our work. We would like to thank every sponsor. We are glad that we could gain new scientists for the Research of NCL.