Module 3: PCR Course at NWZ (Scientific Technical Centre) using the example of NCL

In module 3, students can expect the examination of DNA with a NCL mutation of a fictious family by means of polymerase chain reaction (PCR). These practical exercises will be led by Dr. Rebstock and Dr. Stübe at the Scientific-Technical Centre (Naturwissenschaftlich-technisches Zentrum = NWZ) in Billstedt. The course will begin with an introduction and instructions on how to use the devices. Subsequently the students will create a dilution of water and ink, in order to learn how to work with pipettes. The PCR mix is added to the DNA afterwards, so that it can eventually be replicated using PCR. After the PCR process, gel electrophoresis is conducted. At the end the students will evaluate their results. You can get lecture notes on this course in the Scientific-Technical Centre (NWZ).



The pupils can try some experiments by themselves at NWZ.


The DNA, that is already elongated by PCR, will be analysed by gel electrophoresis.




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