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Bank transfer

Thank you for supporting the NCL Foundation by your donation!

    Beneficiary: NCL-Stiftung

    IBAN: DE50 20050550 1059223030


    Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse

    Purpose I: NCL-Spende+your name

    Purpose II: Your adress

    (Important information if you'd like to get a donation receipt!)


Contact Person

Dr. Frank Stehr 

Dr. Frank Stehr

Phone: +49 (0)40-69 666 74-10

Mobile:  +49 (0)178-3416057 


DZI Spendensiegel

NCL Foundation

IBAN: DE50 20050550 1059223030
Hamburger Sparkasse


More information about the DZI-Spendensiegel ...

This German - English translation was done by the translators Tizzy Mann, Andrea Murphy, Kate Humby and Marcia Neff for the PerMondo initiative that involves providing free translations for NGOs. PerMondo is sponsored and run by the translation agency Mondo Agit.