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Other Events

Below we would like to list a few more events that we will either attend to as speaker or as participant.


Meeting of Brains for Brain

Brains for Brain is a network of scientists in the context of neurodegenerative lysosomal storage diseases and experts in the research field of the blood-brain-barrier. Together they work on the research of rare genetic brain diseases.


Next meeting: March 2015



Gordon Research Seminar on Lysosomes & Endocytosis

Gordon Research Conferences is a non-profit organization, founded by the natural scientific community in order to provide an international platform for this community.


Next meeting: 14th-15th of June 2014



Meeting of the European Study Group on Lysosomal Diseases (ESGLD)

ESGLD supports the cooperation and exchange between European scientists and clinicians who are interested in lysosomal storage diseases.


Next meeting: To be announced



Gordon Research Conference on Lysosomal Diseases

Conference for lysosomal storage diseases, organized by Gordon Research Conference,  takes place every 2 years.


Next meeting: 2015 in Galveston (Texas)


This German - English translation was done by the translators Tizzy Mann, Andrea Murphy, Kate Humby and Marcia Neff for the PerMondo initiative that involves providing free translations for NGOs. PerMondo is sponsored and run by the translation agency Mondo Agit.