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Meetings for Doctoral Students

We set up meetings or doctoral students at regular intervals to link up all doctoral students who deal with JNCL. So far, two meetings have been held. The positive feedback from doctoral students and the lecturers is proof to us that we have achieved our goal to create a platform for the exchange of knowledge and to help experts network. Special Thanks goes to our partners and sponsors who have supported us with their extra effort and without which these symposia could simply not take place.


Third JNCL Young Investigator Symposium


The 3rd JNCL Young Investigator Symposium took place from August 6th till August 8th 2017 in Hamburg.

We were looking forward to welcome 20 young investigators and Dr. Eva Wibbeler (UKE, Hamburg), Steven Walkley (Albert Einstein Institute, New York) and other well-known researchers as Key Note Speakers.


We thank our sponsors and partners for their generous support:




Second International JNCL Doctoral Students Meeting (07 – 10 March 2013, Frankfurt)



Participants of the 2nd Int. JNCL Doctoral Students Meeting


"Cook your own dinner"


On the first two days, 16 doctoral and post-doctoral students had the opportunity to present their research on NCL in more detail. The quality of the presentations was very high from a scientific point of view and exciting new approaches in the field of JNCL were presented. In addition, nine distinguished experts came at our invitation and perfectly complemented the meeting with interesting lectures. Then the doctoral and post-doctoral students attended the Brains for Brain meetings. Brains for Brain is an international association of scientists, clinicians and opinion leaders in the field of neurology. They campaign together against rare genetically inherited neurological paediatric diseases. Four doctoral students, Matthew Micsenyi, Sandra Oetjen, Lotta Parviainen and Kim Wager were honoured for their particularly outstanding lectures and were again able to present them at Brains for Brain.

As mentioned at the last doctoral students meeting, the event "cook your own dinner" was again an integral part of the program and a complete success. Doctoral students and the experts had the opportunity to get to know each other better in a very relaxed and fun atmosphere at the Frankfurt culinary school’s event "Cooking is Culture".


1st NCL Doctoral Students Meeting (29 – 31 July, 2011, Hamburg)


Dr. Frank Stehr and Mark Schultz

The "1st International PhD Symposium JNCL" was a meeting for doctoral students from around the world so that they could present their projects and deepen their networks. In addition to the 18 doctoral students, six experts were invited to give lectures giving overviews. In order to give participants enough time for networking and sharing ideas, etc., other events complemented the lectures. Friday evening ended with a trip on a barge that ended on a stormy sea! And on Saturday, each participant had to become their own acheiver: The evening was "cook your own dinner" and took place in the UKE Mesa restaurant.

Another highlight of the program was the conferment of an award for the best presentation. The award was given (by a very slender margin) to Mark Schultz, USA (photo, r.), from the Beverly Davidson Laboratory. In addition to the award he received a travel grant for the international NCL Congress in London in 2012.


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