Conference "Adult and Childhood Neurodegenerative Diseases: Common Mechanisms and Markers" (15th National NCL-Congress) - 11-12th December 2017, Bonn


This year the NCL Foundation is organizing a scientific meeting together with the DZNE (German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases). We would like to foster the interaction between scientists working on childhood dementia and and scientists working on aduld neurodegenerative diseases.

Here you can find the agenda.

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14th National NCL-Congress in December 2016

Once again the NCL Foundation welcomed more than 30 international scientists at the Marriott Hotel in Hamburg to exchange information on the latest research on the batten disease. We thank all the participants and sponsors who made it possible to hold the congress.

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13th National NCL-Congress in November 2015

On the 2nd of November 2015, the NCL Foundation organized its 13th NCL-Congress that took place at the Marriott Hotel in Hamburg. Invited were leading experts and a junior scientists working in the NCL and related fields. As in the previous years, the NCL-Congress created a unique environment for scientific exchange to promote new ideas for projects and networking among researchers. This year’s focus was on research into new imaging approaches that may facilitate earlier diagnosis of the disease, the monitoring of its progression and perhaps also the evaluation of new therapeutics. A highlight was the presentation of new data regarding CLN3 function by Dr. Emyr Lloyd-Evans from Cardiff University in Wales UK. Mutations within the CLN3 gene are known to cause the juvenile form of NCL. The data presented by Dr. Lloyd-Evans provided for the first a working hypothesis for a function of CLN3 that explains the dysregulation of Calcium homeostasis seen within patient cells and a key cellular organelle, the lysosome. The lysosome plays a key role in nutrient sensing and the recycling of cellular components including proteins and lipids. Loss of CLN3 function results in a significant increase in the intra-lysosomal calcium concentration which in turn is responsible for abnormal signaling events downstream. Calcium homeostasis is essential, for example for proper information processing in brain neurons and for controlling muscle contraction and rhythmic activity of the heart. Damage of brain neurons is a prime feature in NCL and many juvenile NCL patients also develop cardiac dysfunction. Altogether, the new findings raise hope for developing new therapeutic approaches for NCL and perhaps even other diseases in which lysosomal calcium homeostasis is disrupted. After the congress, all attendees were invited for dinner and get-together at the VLET Restaurant kitchens, allowing further informal exchange between the participants and a glimpse behind the scenes of a gourmet restaurant. The day before the congress, the NCL scholars had the opportunity to discuss their research projects and future career plans with leading experts from academia and the pharmaceutical industry. The day after the meeting, the NCL scholars were invited to a special industry excursion day at Evotec International Gmbh, where they visited laboratories and gained insight into the science and business conducted in a biotech company.



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Topics of national NCL Congresses from previous years:

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Further NCL Congresses

In addition to the national conferences organized by the NCL Foundation, other NCL related conferences and workshops will take place, such as the regularly organised international NCL Conference. The NCL Foundation or its fellows are represented as members at these meetings.

The 14th International Conference on NCL is planned to take place on October 2014 in Córdoba (Argentina).


Relevant international NCL Meetings in recent years

·        13th International NCL Conference (London, 2012)

·        JNCL Drug Discovery Course (San Diego, 2011)

·        12th International NCL Congress (Hamburg, 2009)

·        11th International NCL Congress (Rochester, 2007)


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