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PhD Fellowships

Funding applications


The aim of the NCL Foundation is to initiate and promote promising NCL research projects. Interdisciplinary doctoral dissertations in the field of juvenile NCL are especially welcome. Funding is available worldwide. We want to encourage young researchers to present their projects to us and to apply. 


Applicants: Research Institutes and / or above-average qualifications Master graduates of the courses of biology, biochemistry or molecular biology


Application procedure & steps
1. Applicants are kindly asked to first contact the scientific officer of the NCL Foundation ( or call 0049 (163) 738 3083).
We like to make sure that project proposals are in line with the main goals of the NCL Foundation to support research that helps finding or moving forward therapies for patients with CLN3 disease.
2. Provided key criteria are met, you will next be asked to submit a letter of intent in which you briefly outline the proposed project including scientific rationale, relevance and potential impact with respect to clinical translation, experimental approach, feasibility in work environment and budget.
3. Based on your letter of intent the foundation will decide to yes or no ask for submitting a full proposal. Full proposals will be sent out for peer review to at least two reviewers. We welcome recommendations for independent expert reviewer candidates as well as proposals for exclusion because of potential conflict of interest.   

A full proposal has to be completed in English and must include the following:

           a detailed testing plan (timetable and milestones)

           CV of the applicant and, if applicable of potential graduate students

           List of publications

           Description of scope of scientific inquiry

You can find the full proposal for download here.

The full proposals will be examined by the board, the Scientific Advisory Board and other external reviewers of the NCL Foundation.


Deadlines: 28 February und 31 August of each year 

What is NOT funded?

         Projects that do not focus on CLN3

         Symposia, Congresses, etc. (since the NCL Foundation organises its own events)


         Fees for registration, administrative costs

Please be informed in advance if your project meets the eligibility criteria. 
We look forward to receiving your application! 

If you have any questions, please contact us: 

This German - English translation was done by the translators Tizzy Mann, Andrea Murphy, Kate Humby and Marcia Neff for the PerMondo initiative that involves providing free translations for NGOs. PerMondo is sponsored and run by the translation agency Mondo Agit.