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Training for teachers

Along with the pupils, the teachers also learn about different themes surrounding human genetics.The issues of human genetic consultation and embryo screening, for example, will be broached here. There are also meetings organised in order for teachers who take part in the learning partnership to exchange ideas.

During the teacher training seminar, DNA Mutations: Diagnosis and Therapy with the aid of the genetic process (9/12/10 Berlin), Prof Dr. Karl Sperling, Leader of the Institute of Human Genetics of the Campus Virchow Hospital in Berlin, reported on the Human Genome Project and its meaning for genetic diagnostics and consultation. Additionally, Dr. James Adjaye, Stem Cell Researcher at the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin presented on the Chances and Risks of Stem Cell Therapy. This was supplemented by the remarks of Ms Iris Dyck, Vice Chairperson of the German NCL Self-help Group, who reported on her direct experience in the areas of human genetics and stem cell therapy. 


Dr. Frank Stehr informs teachers about NCL

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