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Biology up-to-date: NCL in the classroom


The idea – Learning differently!

The NCL started up the, “Biology Up-To-Date” project in April 2005. 

Since 2005, we have been able to provide information on NCL to over 2000 pupils and teachers in secondary schools around Hamburg. We have received very positive feedback as a result.The laws of genetics are highlighted to senior students in biology and genetics classes, using the clear example of NCL, a metabolic disease. The school hour (generally a double period) is taught by project workers from the “Research and Education” department.

(Interns with the NCL-Organisation present the Biology Up-To-Date hour)

Learning differently:

In June 2013, a discussion was held on the Kingsmore “prevention chip” at Eppendorf Secondary School, as part of the school’s “Bio-ethics Day”. Read the student’s report on it here (German).


We would also like to come to your school!

Please contact us if you are interested in us coming to your school, your children’s school, or the school of somebody you know, to teach Biology or Genetics class, using the definite example of NCL. You can find the class material  here and get a picture of the themes for yourself. 

Contact Person

Tiziana Serio

Phone: +49 (0) 40-69 666 74-28

Mobile:    +49 (0) 177-246 37 58


This German - English translation was done by the translators Tizzy Mann, Andrea Murphy, Kate Humby and Marcia Neff for the PerMondo initiative that involves providing free translations for NGOs. PerMondo is sponsored and run by the translation agency Mondo Agit.