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Pupils and Teachers

Apart from teaching the experts, the NCL Foundation wants to raise awareness on the

theme of rare illnesses amongst targeted young people. For this reason, the NCL Foundation created the school projects, “Biology up-to-date” and “The Learning Partnership for the Profilabitur”.* (*The Profilabitur is the final examination for students in Germany, it is the equivalent to the A-Levels in Britain) Senior students should learn about genetics, genetic methods of diagnosis, and the problem with developing medication for rare illnesses, using the clear example of NCL. Aside from a talk in the school, the Learning Partnership includes practical experience such as the performance of routine laboratory techniques in PCR, a tour of a human genetics diagnostics laboratory and a genealogy analysis. Additionally we run further training for teachers.



Under the framework of our, “Learning Partnership for the Profilabitur”, students and teachers volunteer with the NCL Foundation. We want to take this opportunity to give them all a big thanks from the bottom of our hearts! In the past school year, many exciting activitiestook place. We are constantly impressed with the enthusiasm and positivity, which the students bring with them. Thanks!


(Charity concert of the Walddörfer Gymnasium 2012)

Contact Person

Tiziana Serio

Phone: +49 (0) 40-69 666 74-28

Mobile:    +49 (0) 177-246 37 58


This German - English translation was done by the translators Tizzy Mann, Andrea Murphy, Kate Humby and Marcia Neff for the PerMondo initiative that involves providing free translations for NGOs. PerMondo is sponsored and run by the translation agency Mondo Agit.