NCL Ambassadors


Since its formation the foundation has been supported by prominent figures from politics, film and TV as well as art and music. The foundation is particularly proud of its longstanding partners such as Jan Josef Liefers. Other loyal supporters include Thorsten Schroder, Dagmar Berghoff, Ralf Zacherl and Zodwa K M Selele.


Jan Josef Liefers (TV Star and Musician)

“I noticed at some point that my concept of life – or in other words how I want to live - wouldn't be possible without some form of social engagement. When I hear of a disease like NCL for example, which has no support and no interest from the pharmaceutical industry because it affects so few people, yet it causes such great suffering for the affected child and their family, then I have to get involved.”

Source: Liefers, Jan Josef in Golf Genuss Issue 3/2013, p 56-60


Jan Josef Liefers, who can be heard on the current german NCL-Spot, is a longstanding supporter of the foundation. Whether it’s on ‘Star Quiz’ on ARD or at regular golf tournaments, such as the recent 'Münsteraner Tatort Cup', he is always doing something to get involved. Taking care of individuals’ futures is important to him, so being such a rare disease, NCL lies particularly close to him.

Photography: Joachim Gern



Zodwa K. M. Selele (Musical Star)

“I was made aware of the NCL foundation by a friend who also happens to be an ambassador for the foundation. I was flabbergasted when I heard of this fatal and vicious disease, just the combination of the words ‘child’ and ‘dementia’ threw me. The more I found out about the disease, the more it became a matter of personal importance to me! I am a woman, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a Christian… and I want to have my own kids one day. Many people have never heard of this disease and the correct diagnosis often comes too late. I want to do whatever I can, to change this and end the anonymity of this diseases. With my means and opportunities, with the support of friends, colleagues, family and of course, the public, I support the research of the NCL Foundation. As an ambassador of the heart!”





Photography: Frank Stefan Kimmel



Our Celebrity Chefs

Steffen Henssler (TV Cook)

“The metabolic disorder NCL robs affected children of their ability to see, to move, to speak, to act, and finally it robs them of their lives. I have kids myself and so I know the severity of this topic. Therefore financing the 2nd NCL Research Prize through ‘Cooking for Kids’ and thus making a contribution towards research of this rare disease has significant meaning for me.”









Ralf Zacherl (TV Cook)

“I help because it feels so good to know that you’re not alone with a severe illness or in bad times. No-one wants to be alone when times get bad. Together we can be strong and I am so happy to be able to support the NCL Foundation.”
















Thorsten Schröder (News Anchorman of ARD Tagesschau)



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