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Our Success


Since our formation we have reached over 3,000 people from different fields though our educational measures. You can find more information in the Education section.



No. Of Persons Reached 

 Measures Implemented 




- Held lectures in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

- Started specialist publications with a readership of around 6,500

- Distributed 8,000 leaflets



- Held lectures nationwide

- Initiated a specialist publication with a readership of about 20,000

- Distributed 12,600 leaflets



- Nationwide lectures and publications




-  Delivered Biology up-to-date and Learning Partnership for Study Specialisation programmes in 67 schools



-Nationwide training


Research and Promotion

In the last ten years the NCL foundation has invested over 1.8 Million Euros in research.


Since its formation the foundation has financed 14 doctoral stipends in four countries. From these doctorates nine scientific publicationshave been published, bringing us a large step closer to treatment in the future.


Up till today the NCL Research Award has been awarded four times. Since 2011 the award has had a value of 100,000 Euros instead of 50,000. The money should encourage innovative ideas and finance post-doctoral stipends. .


Taking a look back the previous ten NCL congresses as well as the two doctoral conferences which we have organised, which have served to encourage information exchange and the networking of NCL researchers, we can see that they have helped bring at least forty new co-operations into existence.



Through established, recurringfundraising events as well as smaller events we have raised significant sums of money which is primarily used to finance the NCL Research Prize, doctoral stipends as well as training and education for the relevant groups of doctors.


 NCL Ambassadors

  Supporters of Individual Events

 Jan Josef Liefers

 Udo Lindenberg

 Eva Luise Köhler

 Zodwa K. M. Selele


 Matheo (Culcha Candela)

 Steffen Henssler

 Olaf Scholz

 Fools Garden

 Ralf Zacherl

 Tim Mälzer

 und viele mehr




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