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Greetings from the Founder


Most people only start campaigning for something when they're personally affected by it. As the father of a son with NCL, I couldn't and wouldn't sit back and watch as life was slowly and painfully taken away from my child each day. I wanted to get involved. Not just for my child, but also for the other 700 children with NCL in Germany, and their families. With the help of a number of supporters, I intend to create a platform for the investigation of and the exchange of information about NCL.

Without the selfless input of all contributors and donators the foundation would not be in the position to complete this important work. Therefore I want to use this space to thank all who have helped in any way, whether by financial donations, active support or promoting the foundation to the media.

So in August 2002 I started the NCL Foundation (National Contest for Life). The main objective is to raise awareness of the disease and initiate active research work. This is necessary, as without prospect of treatment or cure, childhood dementiais increasingly fatal.


The NCL foundation wants to make a significant contribution to the development of treatment in the coming years. A far reaching aim, that will still require much time and input.


During this journey, the foundation has already achieved great success. The NCL Foundation promotes national and international research projects in the field of NCL through stipends. There is therefore hope that in the future we will be able to achieve further positive steps and the work of the foundation can continue successfully.

On this homepage we would like to introduce the NCL Foundation. There is information about NCL itself, the activities of the NCL Foundation as well as information about current research projects promoted by the foundation.



Dr. Frank Husemann
(Founder of the foundation, Board of Trustees)

.Dr. Frank Husemann
(Founder of the foundation, Board of Trustees)

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