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Since 2002, this foundation is committed to fight the rare and deadly childhood dementia NCL (Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis / Batten Disease). With the help of many supporters we are working on establishing a platform for research and exchange about NCL in order to provide the approximately 700 affected children in Germany and their families with the prospect of a targeted drug therapy and an approach for healing.






Tiziana Serio, Dr. Frank Stehr, Tiziana Serio, Dr. Herman van der Putten


We aim to inform the public and to proactively initiate research projects which are the essential basis for the development of a first application of drugs within the upcoming years. For this purpose NCL Foundation supports national and international NCL research projects with doctoral fellowships.


The foundation couldn´t accomplish this task without the generous commitment of all volunteers and donators who support our important work. Therefore we would like to thank all who are helping NCL Foundation with financial support and on-site assistance or with proactive media coverage.

We appreciate your commitment!

DZI Spendensiegel

NCL Foundation

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Dr. Frank Stehr

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