Together for a future without childhood dementia


In 2002 Dr. Frank Husemann founded the NCL Foundation, after his son Tim was diagnosed with NCL (Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis), a form of childhood dementia. For children with this disease, progressive degeneration will eventually lead to a gradual loss of all mental and physical abilities as well as loss of eyesight. It is rare for NCL patients to survive past their thirtieth year.


Since its formation, the not-for-profit foundation has campaigned to promote research into the disease both nationally and internationally, in order to provide the affected children (around 700 in Germany and 70,000 worldwide) with a chance of treatment and cures that have been lacking until now. This project will be promoted though the initiation, financing and support of (inter)national research projects, worldwide research co-operation and targeted networking strategies for the creation of an extensive NCL Network.



DZI Spendensiegel

NCL Foundation

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